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              Affinity Chromatography Media

              Affinity Chromatography Media

              Trigoats Tech’s affinity chromatography media were prepared by monodisperse, highly crosslinked polyacrylate microspheres. The affinity chromatography media are produced by first forming a hydrophilic layer on the microspheres. Then, nickel ion (Ni2+) functional groups are chelated onto the hydrophilic layer. Trigoats Tech’s affinity chromatography media have high selectivity in separation of histidine labeled proteins.

              Table 1: List of affinity chromatography media
              Product Name Particle Size(μm)(μm) Type ligands Functional Groups Pore Size(?)
              QY-30Ni-IDA 30 IDA Ni2+ 800
              QY-50Ni-IDA 50 IDA Ni2+ 800
              QY-30Ni-NTA 30 NTA Ni2+ 800
              QY-50Ni-NTA 50 NTA Ni2+ 800

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