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              Recommended Peptide Purity

              Recommended Peptide Purity
              Trigoats proposes a range of different purity levels to help you make the right choice for your application. We proposes four levels of purity for our custom peptide synthesis services. Peptides with purity greater than 70% are always used for generating or testing antibodis. Peptides with purity level greater than 85% are usually used in enzymology or biological activity studies. Peptides with purity greater than 95% are excellent for quantitative analysis. We also provide purity peptides with purity greater than 98% in large quantities with commercial applications for our industrial customers. The quality of the peptides is verified by both HPLC and Mass Spectrometry of which the QC data is included in the peptide delivery.

              Recommended Purity


              Immunograde Peptide
              Peptide purity >70%

              • Antigen for production and affinity purification of polyclonal antibodies
              • ELISA tests
              • Peptide array

              Biochemistry Grade Peptide
              Peptide purity >85%

              • Semi-quantitative enzyme-substrate studies
              • Phosphorylation studies
              • Peptide blocking studies by Western blotting
              • In-vitro bioassays
              • Cell attachment studies

              Purity Grade Peptide
              Peptide purity >95%

              • Epitope mapping
              • Quantitative receptor-ligand interaction studies
              • Quantitative blocking and competitive inhibition assays
              • Quantitative phosphorylation studies
              • Quantitative proteolysis studies
              • NMR studies
              • In-vitro bioassays
              • In-vivo studies
              • Generating standard curves

              Industrial Grade Peptide
              Peptide purity >98%

              • GMP peptides for drug studies
              • Cosmetic peptides for cosmeceuticals industry
              • Clinical trials
              • SAR studies

              Delivery Specifications:
              The typical delivery consists of lyophilized peptide of the required sequence, purity, and quantity and associated QC reports. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Our stringent quality control.




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