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              Business Scope

              Range of Services

               1)Linear peptide: Less than 189 residues, Quantity from mg to kg, Purity >99%
               2)Simple modified peptides: Acetylation, Amidation (C—terminal)
               3)Complex modified peptides: Stapled Peptide, Isotopes(N15、C13), Phosphopeptides(p-Ser、p-Thr、p-Tyr), Myristic acid, Fatty acid, Palmitic acid, Cyclic peptides, Peptides with s-s bonds, Fluorescein(Cy3、Cy5、Cy5.5、Cy7、FAM、FITC、Rhodamine B、TAMRA、etc.), Biotin labeled peptides, Peptide protein conjugation(KLH&BSA), EDANS&DABCYL, Methylation(Kme、Kme2、Kme3、Rme、Rme2s、Rme2as), CHLORIN E6, DOTA, NOTA,DOPA, Azido Groups, Special amino acide and their derivatives
               4)The range of purity: Crude、Desalted、>70%、>80%、>90%、>95%、>98%、>99%

              Flow of Services

              • You can contact us by:
              • TEL:+86-27-65524388 +86-2765524388
                E-MAIL: info@www.cosmychimp.com info@www.cosmychimp.com

              • Flow of Services
              • Provide competitive price for you in 1 day after receiving peptide sequence
              • Sign a confidential agreement if necessary
              • Delivery time is approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified peptides
              • The Lyophilized powder peptides will be delivered to you on time
              • We Offer
              • HPLC chromatogram report
              • Mass spectral analysis report
              Peptide Price List
              Peptide Modifications price
              Collect from
              鄂ICP備19022221號-2 Trigoats Co., Ltd.