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              Quality assurance

              1. PassISO 9001:2015Quality Management System Certification

              Trigoats Co.,Ltd.通過ISO 9001:2015認證。The company has a complete set of quality management standard documents, and ensures that all products and services are strictly operated in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system, and can stably customize qualified products and provide trusted services.

              2. ProvideHPLCandMSreport

              Each peptide provided by Trigoats is rigorously tested by HPLC and MS to ensure that the quality meets customer requirements before it is available to customers.

              HPLC Analysis Report
              Mobile Phase : Buffer A: 0.1%TFA in H2O Buffer B: 0.1%TFA in ACN
              Flow rate : 1ml/min  
              Column : Luna C18(2),4.6mmX250mm,5 micron  
              Wavelength : 220nm  
              Inj.Vol : 10uL  
              Method : 12%-37% buffer B in 20min
              Rank Time Name Conc. Area
              1 7.146 0.3371 8681
              2 7.678 99.13 2552940
              2 8.280 0.5343 13761
              Total 100 2575382
              MS Analysis Report
              MW. : 603.7 Flow phase : 80%ACN20%H2O
              Ion Source : ESI-MS Run Time :1min
              Inj.Vol : 10uL Gas pressure : 0.5Mpa
              Flow Rate : 0.2ml/min  
              Collect from
              鄂ICP備19022221號-2 Trigoats Co., Ltd.