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              Tag Antibody/Internal Control Antibody

              Western blot is a widely used method for determining specific protein levels. To correct for protein loading and factors, such as transfer efficiency, an internal control is often used. To date, some housekeeping gene–coded proteins (i.e., β-actin,GAPDH and β-tubulin) are widely used as internal controls in the Western blot analysis. Housekeeping proteins perform numerous basic functions within the cell and are constitutively expressed at high levels in a variety of tissues and cell types.

              Code Name Specification Price Select
              04080000001 Anti-beta-Actin (RABBIT) Antibody 抗beta-Actin兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000002 Anti-GAPDH (RABBIT) Antibody 抗GAPDH兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000003 Anti-6xHis EPITOPE TAG (RABBIT) Antibody 抗6xHis標簽兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000004 Anti-Myc EPITOPE TAG (RABBIT) Antibody 抗Myc標簽兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000005 Anti-DYKDDDDK Tag (RABBIT) Antibody 抗DYKDDDDK標簽兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000006 Anti-GST (RABBIT) Antibody 抗GST標簽兔多克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000007 Anti-beta-Actin (MOUSE) Antibody 抗beta-Actin鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000008 Anti-6xHis EPITOPE Tag(MOUSE) Antibody 抗6xHis標簽鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000009 Anti-GAPDH (MOUSE) Antibody 抗GAPDH鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000010 Anti-Myc EPITOPE Tag(MOUSE) Antibody 抗Myc標簽鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000011 Anti-DYKDDDDK Tag(MOUSE) Antibody 抗DYKDDDDK標簽鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000012 Anti-beta-Tubulin(MOUSE) Antibody 抗beta-Tubulin鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000013 Anti-HA EPITOPE Tag(MOUSE) Antibody 抗HA標簽鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000014 V5 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000015 Anti-GST(MOUSE) Antibody 抗GST標簽鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000016 Anti-Maltose Binding Protein(MOUSE) Antibody 抗麥芽糖結合蛋白蛋白鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價
              04080000017 Anti-alpha-Tubulin(MOUSE) Antibody 抗alpha-Tubulin鼠單克隆抗體 100ul/500ul/1ml 詢價

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