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              Antibody Purification,Label,Immunoassay Services

                    An immunoassay is a biochemical test that measures the presence or concentration of a substance in solutions that frequently contain a complex mixture of substances. Such assays are based on the unique ability of an antibody to bind with high specificity to one or a very limited group of molecules. A molecule that binds to an antibody is called an antigen. Immunoassays can be carried out for either member of an antigen/antibody pair. The high specific and effective antibody is a key to a successful immunoassay.Antibody purification is performed to concentrate and enrich antigen-specific antibodies and lower background by removing any non-specific proteins. Antibody labeling can amplify signal and increase sensitivity. There are many immunoassay techniques such as ELISA、WB、IP and IHC etc.

                    Trigoats has a leading antibody services technology, advanced equipments and professional technician, provides many services including antibody purification, antibody labeling and immunoassay techniques.

              Service Code
              Brief Description
              Antibody Purification
              (ammonium sulfate)
              1.ammonium sulfate precipitation of antisera(≤50 ml) 2.Detect concentration by UV absorption 3.Elisa
              1 week
              Antibody Purification
              1.antisera(≤50 ml) purification by proteinA/g 2.detect concentration by UV absorption 3.Elisa
              1 week
              Antibody Purification
              (antigen affinity)
              1.antigen QC 2.antigen affinity resin prepare 3.antigen affinity purification(≤50 ml) 4.Detect concentration by UV absorption 5.Elisa
              2 week
              Antibody Label(HRP)
              1.antibody QC 2.antibody label with HRP 3.ELSIA
              1 week
              Antibody Label
              1.antibody QC 2.antibody label with Biotin 3.label ratio test
              1 week
              Antibody Label(FITC)
              1.antibody QC 2.antibody label with FITC 3.label ratio test
              1 week
              Ag or Ab detect in indirect method,sandwich,or competitive methods
              1-2 weeks
              Western Blot
              Totol protein extract,SDS-PAGE,transfer,hybrid,detect&analysis
              2-3 weeks
              Preparation of lysates,Pre-clearing the lysates,Immunoprecipitation
              2-3 weeks
              Deparaffinization/Rehydration,Antigen Unmasking,Staining
              2-3 weeks
              Collect from
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